Part of a score from Stefan Themerson. St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio or Brother Francis' Lamb Chops. Text and music, written and composed between 1954 and 1960. An opera in two acts. It is a drama of a modern St.Francis (a poet) who, in trying to stop the modern Wolf of Gubbio from killing the lambs, ends as partner in a factory that cans lamb chops.
Cover of the Imperial War Museum exhibition
Portrait of Bertrand Russell by Franciszka Themerson from The Good Citizen's Alphabet, with an equation he gave to Stefan Themerson
Invitation to La Hume exhibition of Gaberbocchus Press, 1956
Letter heading of the Gaberbocchus Common Room, a meeting place for artists and scientists, 1957-59

The archive comprises the residue of the Themersons' working lives, almost nothing was thrown away. It includes: Gaberbocchus books, correspondence relating to the press, manuscripts, original artwork and illustrations, printing plates, accounts, book reviews, publicity ephemera, catalogues, photographs, material on Gaberbocchus Common Room.

ST & FT: manuscripts, correspondence, collection of books, published works, films, photographs, unrealized projects, memorabilia, documents.

Books by Stefan Themerson in eight languages, children's books which he wrote and she illustrated during the 1930s, his photographs and audio tapes.

Paintings by Franciszka Themerson, drawings, theatre designs, published and unpublished illustrations

Wartime correspondence and documents.

The archive is looked after by Jasia Reichardt and Nick Wadley with occasional help from others.