Harold Lang & KennethTynan. The Quest for Corbett
Written for Radio. Presentation by Franciszka Themerson. 1969. The play is full of parody and reference to British and American advertising, theatre, literature and cinema, kitsch of the last 30 years, some of it almost disgracefully and personally affectionate. First broadcast on the BBC Third Programme on July 15th, 1956. The mock-earnest vitality of this dramatised biography of an imaginary semi-legendary Englishwoman, frenziedly written by an actor and his critic, had already convulsed the broadcasting channels of communication. '...a shattering tribute to 20th century womanhood... Aphra Corbett was, at one time or another in her life, a circus clown, a novelist, a suffragette, a playwright, a private detective, a bull-fighter, a party giver, an unclimbed mountain, a female dirigible and a national heroine.' Illustrated throughout in yellow, blue and black on white paper. This cover is a reprint of the paperback edition with new white glossy cover and a picture of newly born Aphra Corbett.