Why is the mind in the head?, 1954
Figure on black, 1974
I'm all at sea, 1974
And so it goes, 1977
Piéton Apocalypse , 1972

She graduated with distinction as a painter from The Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1931. During the remainder of the 1930s she collaborated with Stefan, as film maker and illustrator. They moved to Paris in 1938. In 1940, she escaped to London and her mature art started there. The emotive and expressive force of her wartime drawings was followed by a period of experimental abstraction, but she soon returned to an art concerned with the figure.

Franciszka Themerson evolved ways of painting that could be a vehicle for drawing. Lines are scratched, cut, drawn with a finger in the heavy impasto of white paint. She used knives more often than brushes. Colour was added like tone that settled over the valleys of the picture, or infiltrated the lines gouged out of the surface.

Her pictures are about the human condition, a sustained cautionary tale of man's mindlessness, conformism, or his inhumanity. She lived the lot of her generation - bestiality on a tragic global scale - and her paintings reflect this. Their satire is progressively more hostile than that of the drawings, and the means more violent.

Major exhibitions of her work :
1957 and 1959 - Gallery One, London
1963 - Drian Galleries, London
1964 - Zacheta, Warsaw
1966 - New Gallery, Belfast
1968 - Demarco, Edinburgh
1975 - Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
1977-78 - Gruenebaum Gallery, New York
1981-82 - Lodz, Warsaw, Wroclaw
1991 - Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Aalborg
1993 - Redfern Gallery, London
1994 - Imperial War Museum, London
1998 - Galeria Kordegarda, Warsaw
1999 and 2001 - Art First, London

Public collections holding her work include:
Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Aalborg
Art Museum, Belfast
Muzeum Narodowe, Gdansk
Muzeum Sztuki, Lódz
Arts Council of Great Britain
British Museum, London
British Film Institute
Royal Holloway College, University of London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Marionettmuseen, Stockholm
Muzeum Narodowe, Warsaw